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Background: I have been teaching one on one Japanese classes since 2015.  Also I have had a class with about 10 students since 2017. After graduating from university, my work experience was in marketing and medical information management in a pharmaceutical company.  This included employee training, as well as conference and research presentations.

Education background: BA, Pharmaceutical

Language: Japanese (First language), English (Speaking, Reading, Writing)

Personal Introduction: Growing up in Tokyo, I speak standard Japanese. Although I graduated from a Pharmaceutical University, I was interested in English because information from all over the world is often presented in English. To learn English, I stayed in the UK for a short time. Then in 2014, I went to Nepal for my business. There, I had a chance to teach Japanese to a student living in Nepal and attending a Japanese language school. I have had an interest in teaching Japanese since that time, and thus I starting one to one Japanese lessons in 2015 after returning to Japan.

Lesson style: Basically, I teach grammar, conversation and pronunciation by using the “Minna no Nihongo” text. But when there are special requests, I am happy to oblige.

Interests: Skiing, Trekking, Travel, Photography, Cooking, Playing Shamisen (Japanese traditional guitar), and Boating.  



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