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Welcome to this online Japanese class site!

We have been teaching Japanese from Tokyo to people all over the world.

In a short time, we can help your business conversation abilities such as pronunciation, accent and natural speaking flow.

Our online Japanese classes are all one on one. You can learn Japanese grammar, pronunciation, accent and the flow of natural speaking.

Why don't you give this a try with 30 minute free Japanese lesson?

You can learn Japanese at home!

Japanese Teacher: Yoshi SUZUKI
Teaching Japanese in English or Japanese​.
Japanese Teacher: Kanemichi TAKEUCHI
Teaching Japanese in English, French or Japanese.​

Don't hesitate, give our 30 minutes free lesson a try!

We will suggest some alternative lesson plans based on your speaking and writing skill level and your schedule.

Just follow the steps below.

<The Step of Free lesson>

1) Send us your name, email and a time zone.

2) We will get back to you.

3) Please also indicate what app you would like to use. We will use Zoom, skype LINE or wechat. 

4) After free Japanese lesson, you can decide if you would like to join to our program.  Please send your answer to us by email.


Text Book

We would like to suggest these textbooks. Please purchase these online from the links below.

If you would like to use other textbook or learn spoken Japanese, please ask it to us.

We will arrange your Japanese course.

みんなの日本語 初級Ⅰ( Minna no Nihongo Elementary Japanese Ⅰ(Written in Japanese))
みんなの日本語 初級Ⅱ ( Minna no Nihongo Elementary Japanese Ⅱ( Written in Japanese))
  ↑Click to open Amazon
Minna no Nihongo Elementary Japanese Ⅰ(Written in English),
Minnano Nihongo Elementary Japanese Ⅱ(Written in English) 
 ↑Click to open Amazon

We can use any of the following apps:




  Whats App

Please tell us your preferred application.



Please pay before receiving any lessons at the end of every month.

One lesson 50 minutes.

Four lessons course: JPY 9,800 ( inc. TAX )

    *JPY 2,450 / one lesson


Eight lessons course: JPY 18,800 ( inc. TAX )

    *JPY 2,350 / one lesson

    *Available to have 2 lessons at one time. It means 100 minutes, 4 lessons in a month.



 From overseas: paypal

From Japan: Mizuho Bank

Join the class.

1) Send a message below to us.

2) Ask your question on an online chat. We will ask your goal, time, day etc. You can decide if you join the class at after online chat.

3) Payment.

​4) Start lesson.


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