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Professional background:

"After completing a Japanese Language Education Practice Workshop at

Waseda University in 2012, I completed Japanese language teacher training course in 2013.

I have been working as a Japanese teacher since 2014 after completing qualification.

Currently I have been teaching Japanese to foreign students every week online.


Waseda University, Tokyo

Bachelor of Commercial Science


Japanese (Native), English, French


I was born and raised in Kanazawa city, Japan.

I have lived in Europe for almost two years (one year in France and one year in the UK). During my stay there, I enjoyed experiencing the different cultures of both countries. After returning to Japan, I worked in a trading company and engaged in the export and import of electronic communication devices.

Also, in the United States, I was involved in software development, testing. and design related the development of japanese word processing machines  

as a linguistic engineer.

From that experience, I came to realize that understanding cultural differences between countries is essential for fruitful business relationships. 

Lesson style:

Basically, we use "Minna no nihongo" for japanese language beginners.

For intermediate students, we try to keep to pleasant conversation-based lessons. However, we are happy to oblige to special requests from students, in addition to proceeding with our lessons.


hobbies: Golf, travel, watching movies



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